From 2012 till 2014, I published a series of articles covering Berlin’s history. I had to stop, since I passionately started working as a tour-guide.

Here is an overview of all the articles I wrote. Good luck!

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Project Hans (Heinrich) Müller: an ode to the architect.
Early 2014, I’ve visited about thirty buildings created by Hans Müller. So far, he is my favorite architect within the German capital. This page is an overview for the articles that I published.

Hanami in Berlin. The Japanese Cherries at the former death strips.

Due to the Tropical Christmas that was in contrast to former year’s Siberian Winter, the cherry trees are already fully blossoming.
For this years’ Hanami celebration, one can either go to the ‘Garten der Welt’ at the 13th of April, or visit the former death strip between Berlin-Lichterfelde and Teltow on Sunday the 27th of April.

Histories from the capital of the 20th century

TV-Asahi-Kirschblütenallee, former death strip at the border of Berlin-Lichtenrade (April 26th 2013). No © needed. Photo by Joep de Visser.

Lees hier de Nederlandse versie van deze update op de site van Jonge Historici Schrijven Geschiedenis.

I am not going to lie about it. This update is about an open-air celebration of a traditional event which probably isn’t there to celebrate yet. This might seem a bit absurd, although nothing is wrong with a Sunday picnic anyway – regardless what the tradition instruction you. Upcoming Sunday, April 28th, the 12th hanami or Kirschblütenfest (cherry blossom celebration) is announced at the former Totestreife (death strip) in Teltow – a former GDR district at the southern border of Berlin-Lichterfelde. About 50 market stands will provide in Japanese products and food during the event. A couple of honourable guests from Japan are invited. What is this tradition all about? What is the history of this event? And what does the tree mean to Berlin nowadays?

Hanami (flower viewing) is a Japanese celebration of the…

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Dear audience,

your host of this blog -Joep- welcomes you to read about historical thrills in Berlin, for being the ‘capital of the 20th century’. For 25 weeks, I wrote extensive updates each Friday. Thereafter, the updates will be posted biweekly. My updates are supported by historical material, mostly photos. In addition I usually try to find out what is left of the history – or what is there to remember it.

When it comes to themes, one can expect that I may focus relatively much on my favorite – namely the history of Nazi Germany and the GDR. Though I like to seek for the good intentions in political development plans, which are often a witness of self-overestimation, the darkest and most inhumane sides of political regimes catch most of my interest – meaning torture and death. To a lesser extent, I am interested in the historical ways of spending leisure. Among them are the history of the German cabaret and the activities of historical youth cultures. For the rest, the blog provides in a variety of topics – from train stations till historical figures.

Because my historical interest does not stop after the borders of Berlin or Germany, I launched another blog about this which I gave the title History for Hipsters. Although the topics and style are more personal, you are welcome to visit it!