Re-post #1. Sozialistenfriedhof.

When I turned 23, I felt the urge to know every detail about the history of Berlin. The next two years, I’ve visited and researched many places of historic importance throughout the German capital. This blog was the result of full-time reading, thinking and writing.

Now that I’m 10 years older, wiser and more experienced as a historian – I’m looking back to the work I’ve done. Sometimes I do this with a certain cringe. My critical thinking and writing skills were not fully developed (not to mention the overcomplicated style of how I used english).Other times, I feel pretty proud of the work the 10-year younger me has done. And I’m not saying such things lightly. (-:

As an ode to the old blog, I’m visiting the places I wrote about 10 years ago.

Today, the first look back into the mirror: the Sozialistenfriedhof. I can tell it was my first post ever! For example, I asked questions in the intro (“Each second Sunday of January, people of the (radical) left go to the Zentralfriedhof Friedrichsfelde – but why?“) that I didn’t answer. If you’ve been wondering why the last 10 years: to remember Spartacus uprising from January 1919. If I would’ve written the blog-post now, I would have written more about Rosa Luxemburg. It’s hard to dislike her. Also, the destroyed monument from Mies van der Rohe that I mentioned, was at least worth a photo!

Monument (1983) for the destroyed memorial from 1926. (Berlin-Lichtenberg, September 2022)

One more thing: I should have been more critical about the memorial for “Den Opfern des Stalinismus” (The victims of Stalinism). The monument is so small, it’s totally lost. Also, one could be cynical and interpret the empty field around the monument as if it tries to say: there were not victims of Stalinism. At least, the lack of any context and information makes it rather underwhelming. It’s an example of a missed opportunity. And I can understand that can be painful for the families of the victims of Stalin-, Ulbricht- and Honecker’s regimes.


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