Celebrating the fiftieth update. End of an era & the resolutions for this blog’s future.

For the field of German History it may be relative, but for my blog – yesterday was a special day. Its topic was everything except suitable for celebration, so I want to do the celebrative part seperately. In short: I am proud to announce that I’ve written fifty (bi)weekly articles! First I wrote 25 weekly updates, than another 25 biweekly ones. I’ve even wrote a few other entries aside – for example about the Statue Project or the Soviet War Memorials. Fourty of these posts have been translated by the Dutch website ‘Jonge Historici Schrijven Geschiedenis‘ (Young Historians Write History) while others have been taken over by SlowTravelBerlin and Wyme. All together, the articles contain over 76.000 words and -without any form of spam, including advertisement- attracted more than 21.000 visitors – quite much from all over the world!

This may all be satisfacting, still – I feel that changes are coming up. In stead of emphasising on information that belongs to a location, I plan for photos and images of historical spots to dominate. In spontaneous moods, I want to give briefly comments about what it in the news. This idea started yesterday, when I heard about an architect that re-shaped Berlin’s U-Bahn Spinne (Map of the Berlin Underground). Next week, I’ll be kicking-off my secret project on which I’ve been working last months… In other words, being over fifty posts old, is not the end for this blog!

All the best,


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