Summer pause and walking tours

Dear audience,

Snow is a beautiful and natural phenomenon from -lets say- November till February. It couldn’t keep me from organising a few walking tours – although the most invited people stayed at home due to the slippery pavements and the Siberian circumstances. Slightly disappointed, I promised to wait for the summer to come. It was probably somewhere in April, when I had to buy gloves again, and forgot the intention to once organise walks with the knowledge that I gained by writing this blog.

Currently, many people who are interested in getting to know this city better are staying in the city. Because I fear the notion that Berlin is seen after a visit to the Brandenburger Tor, Fernsehturm, Checkpoint Charlie and the East Side Gallery – I’m offering my help to get a better understanding of this city. So to speak: I am back as a city-guide! As a result, I am spending more time in the city as inside and behind my desk. After 34 posts and nearly 60.000 words, I can’t guarantee the biweekly update. This does not mean that I am quitting my blog: I am just enjoying the sun before I start again. Moreover, I will answer my email and announce my tours. My ‘Victims of nazism tour’ will start at 1pm, upcoming Tuesday the 6th of August. In English, I will explain how the nazi’s repressed their political enemies at first, had murderous experience with several minorities before they committed the biggest crime in humanity: the Holocaust. I am gathering right here and the tour will end about three hours later. Please send me an email ( if you want to join!

Dear regards!


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